Hot Tub Information

Hydrotherapy benefits the mind and body. Warm water in motion stimulates endorphins, the natural painkillers your body puts to good use in so many ways. The J-335 hot tub models is cozy and spacious at the same time. The J-335 includes a ProAir lounge seat – another one of the world’s best places to enjoy a hydrotherapeutic massage.

Comforts found on other J-300 Collection models, such as illuminated pillows and cup holders and a cascading waterfall are featured on these models.


Hot Tub Features

  • 5-6 adults
  • 36 PowerPro® Jets
  • 84 in. x 84 in. 36 in.
    214 cm x 214 cm x 97 cm
  • LED Prolite System:
    footwell, pillows
    and cupholders
  • CleArray™ Water Purification