Hot Tub Information

There is something to be said for having it all, and the J-355 will give it to you. These two popular models provide what a hot tub owner is looking for. In addition to the FX 10™ Therapy Seat, which is featured in
both tubs, the J-355 features an integrated ProAir lounge. You can enjoy a relaxing, deep-tissue massage for the large muscle groups, as well as a more refined massage for the neck muscles. The leg jets in the lounge of the J-355 hot tub model have inspired special praise from workout enthusiasts. even those who simply want to relieve the tightness from sitting at a desk all day love the lounge in the J-355.

Like other models in the J-300 Collection, the J-355 has been fitted with brighter lighting, including illuminated pillows and cup holders, a waterfall and an improved filter shield. You can enjoy your J-345 or J-355 at a moment’s notice thanks to the CleArray™ Water Purification system that enhance the water quality, while minimizing sanitizing chemical usage.


Hot Tub Features

  • 5-6 adults
  • 40 PowerPro® Jets
  • 91 in. x 84 in. 38 in.
    231 cm x 214 cm x 97 cm
  • LED Prolite System:
    footwell, pillows
    and cupholders
  • CleArray™ Water Purification