Hot Tub Information

The J-495™ is the life of any party. Fitting up to nine people comfortably, the J-495 is sure to become the talk of your neighborhood. The only Jacuzzi® model to use three pumps, every seat is provided with a complete and customizable massage experience. Adjust the individual jets in each seat for volume flow and direction. You can also adjust the amount of air introduced to the jets by turning the air control located on the top of the shell near each seat. Two diverter valves even allow you to move intensity between seats. The Jacuzzi® J-495’s 62 PowerPro® jets provide a full range of massage combinations from relaxing to invigorating. The wide spacious foot well allows each person access to the perfectly placed foot jets without crowding.

As a focal point for entertaining, or your individual retreat, the J-495 has it all. Cascading waterfalls and the perfect customized massage will meet you every time you enter your J-495.


Hot Tub Features

  • 8 – 9 Adults
  • 62 PowerPro® Jets
  • 90 in. x 110 in. 41 in. -
    (46 in. back)
    229 cm x 279 cm x 104 cm -
    (117cm back)
  • Illuminated PowerPro iX
    jet, 2 WaterColour™,
    waterfalls, logo light,
    lighted cupholders,
    pillows and indicator light
  • CleArray™ Water Purification
  • Exclusive J-1000™
    Audio System with
    iPod docking Station